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3ds Max 2012

Geschrieben am Dienstag den 1. März um 20:34 Uhr

Ich habe heute erfahren das nun 3ds Max 2012 auch nicht mehr lange auf sich warten lässt. So wie es aussieht gibt es einige interessante Verbesserungen!

Introducing 3ds Max 2012!

First of all, this was a major effort around XBR Graphics. In fact, in trying to rework our entire viewport system without blowing up every known plug-in out there, this consumed more effort than we expected. Pretty much a "all hands on deck" situation. Nitrous is the name of this new feature which is a fundamentally new viewport architecture. It uses some state-of-the-art ideas around managing complexity (like automatic viewport consolidation of lots of objects) and of course, multi-core (not GPU) processing (per viewport). On scenes with 10,000+ objects, we see it working about 10X faster than 3ds Max 2011. You actually first experienced this architecture in Quicksilver - which is how we introduced the system because we knew it was a two-year effort. Quicksilver and Nitrous now share 90% of their tech - which I think is really going to be useful moving forwards.

There be monsters out there...

A word of warning, as with any new viewport system that works a lot of magic, don't be surprised if there are glitches on your favorite GPU. Since the majority of you use game cards - which aren't technically supported (because there are about 500 variations of game boards out there) we cannot completely predict how things will work on every variation. We had a fairly large range of cards in our beta program, and they are all working, so we're hoping that the rest of you won't find anything too strange. If you do, please report it! We view Nitrous as an area of research and investment - so report bugs here. ... weiter lesen